Sunday, September 18, 2005

blog #2 (Sept 18, 2005)

Hello again,

After a bunch of weeks, after I stopped worrying so much about
impressing Aviva, my riding instructor, and started really listening to
what she was saying (yelling) to me, it dawned on me that an awful lot
of what she said could be applied to the classroom. Of course, I was
thoroughly enjoying the riding and was dying for people to talk to about
it, and with a classroom full of grown-up students, I had my captive
(and very attentive) audience. So I had a strong incentive to look for
But they were there anyway.
One thing she didn't say explicitly but what came crashing down upon
my head in one of those "Eureka!" moments was that "The Way Things Are
Now Is Not Necessarily How They Will Always Be." I found this to be
enormously encouraging (though Roni pointed out that it could just as
easily be used by pessimists to maintain their gloomy outlook, kind of
like Puddleglum or Eeyore) and enormously wise. Aviva had me riding
Folly, a bright chestnut gelding, who looked a bit too much like the
Quarterhorse he was to


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